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Projects > EMERGE - FIND Exhibition 2023 

Design Anthology - Exhibition Space - 2.JPG

FIND Exhibition 2023

Materials (Borrowed and Returned): 

PVC Tunnel pipes 
Bricks and concrete blocks
Glass blocks
Glass bricks 
Marble tiles 
Floor decking 


Location: Singapore​

Land scarcity leads Singapore to use, store and process products in more efficient ways. 

We presented series of modules build around the different industrial stock and industrial processes in Singapore. The juxtaposition of material and methods of storage such as stacking and arranging across different industries draws interesting visual comparison. 


We endeavored for most pedestals to use a nail-less and glue-less construction so that all materials can be easily sorted to different destinations after the exhibitions. 

Our Approach

Design Anthology - Exhibition Space - 7.JPG

​We used offcuts as much as possible, and the materials were deliberately left in its original length and returned to sold or reprocessed after use. 

Dismantle & Return

Careful dismantling and packing to return for resale are as important as the show itself. This is where circularity comes into action. 


​In reality, all plywood sheets, bricks, concrete blocks, PVC tunnel pipes, glass blocks, glass bricks, marble tiles and floor decking panels are all returned and approved for resale. 

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