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Projects > Floating City by Nipek x KNOTS


Floating City

-Light to Night 2020

Material: Birch Plywood, Steel Cable & Nylon Strings

Lighting Designer: Nipek
Additional Designer: KNOTS
Lighting Supplier: Show Company 

Location: Singapore

Photography by Frame SGFabian Ong.

Responding to the theme of Invisible Cities, lighting designers Nipek and KNOTS have collaborated in designing the Floating City. Floating City, on display during the Light to Night Festival 2020,  was the first suspended installation in the National Gallery’s Padang Atrium.

Our Approach

We have had the privilege to work with Nipek and KNOTS to fabricate these 27 unique towers, up to 17 metres in length. The towers suspended from the Gallery’s Padang Atrium, resemble skyscrapers part of a city that glows, illuminating the grand space.

The lights respond to the music from the performances taking place in the Padang Atrium, varying in colour and intensity.

PHOTO-2020-01-02-13-29-58 (1).jpg
Floating City_Nipek_Photo_32.jpg
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