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Formica For More

-SingaPlural 2018

Material: Laminate

Designer: Produce

Location: Singapore

Photography by Frame SG.

The project was a collaboration between Formica, the pioneer of laminates and Superstructure in creating the central pavilion at SingaPlural 2018.

Our Approach

We decided to approach laminate as a material itself rather than what it has established itself in. The project looks at its innate qualities, inherent strengths and weaknesses, and even the production process to discover potentially new application methods for the revolutionary material.

2017 Singaplural Rendered.png

Bio-Fold is not a recipe for transforming linear production into circular.


Rather, we wish to highlight the opportunity for how everyday objects and materials — with a bit of imagination — can enable sustainable fabrication, use, and recycling of products.

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