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Projects > Together Apart x Formica Fantastica Vol 3

Formica Fantastica Vol 3.jpg

Together Apart 
- Formica Fantastica Vol 3

Materials: Birch Plywood & FENIX NTM®


Location: Singapore

Photography by Lim Yu Heng

Our Approach

This is expressed with a planter that cleverly supports a cantilevered yet removable bench. While proudly displaying greenery in the house, the asymmetric piece gracefully carries the weight of the seated person. 

Formica Fantastica Vol 3-6.jpg

Soft to touch and also possible for thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches,

FENIX NTM® makes a comfortable yet long-lasting bench.

Formica Fantastica Vol 3-2.jpg

Plywood shaped into gentle curves are stacked to evoke terraced caves while supporting a tabletop. The form invites our feline friends to cosy up in its cavities, and enjoy the contours and soft surfaces against their furry bellies and paws. 

Formica Fantastica Vol 3-10.jpg
Formica Fantastica Vol 3-9.jpg

Tough to leave finger – or paw – prints behind on this table base

This modular sofa is a nod to that and the increasing desire for a dynamic living room. A platform and two types of attachments offer multiple seating configurations, while returning to the starting block makes for a desirable coffee table. In other words, the sofa has no front, back or under side. Every profile offers something to admire

Formica Fantastica Vol 3-5.jpg

Its durable surfaces make modifications convenient and fuss-free.

Artboard 1 copy 2_2x.png
Artboard 1_2x.png
Formica_Solidarity Chair 1_edited.jpg

This chair leans on the philosophy of drawing strength in numbers to overcome the limitations of plywood. Such layered wood buckles under stress unlike solid timber that is pliable. But by assembling a design out of smaller modules, this chair bends, curves and flows, while the alternating surfaces draws attention to the synergy between its parts.

Formica_Solidarity Chair 3.jpg
Formica_Solidarity Chair 3-2.jpg

The vivid colours of FENIX NTM® creates a striking piece of furniture.

A stable relationship is one of interdependence. This stool is made of three identical parts, each contributing one third of the stool’s frame. They lean on one another to lend support and attain balance, and this emphasis on rationality and function is made transparent through an acrylic seat.

Formica Fantastica Vol 3-7.jpg

Being extremely matt makes FENIX NTM® ideal for vertical applications. 

Despite making it more convenient to share food with others,
the Lazy Susan acquired a bad name. Now enhanced with a built-in light and adjustable height, her talents are numerous
and striking.

Mous light various design-10.jpg
Mous light various design-12.jpg
Mous light various design-11.jpg

Her innerworkings, made visible through a glass table base, does all the heavy lifting for the user to ease between party and work.
Is Susan brilliant or what?

Mous light various design-13.jpg

The low light reflectivity of the tabletop reduces eye fatigue, making it a comfortable working desk.

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