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KKI Sweets

Material: Tyvek

Designer: Produce

Location: Singapore​

Photography by Frame SG

Kki Sweets is a dessert restaurant that offers beautifully handcrafted confectioneries. The new store was designed to echo and facilitate the latest evolution of the brand. While retaining their original passion for craft, culture, and community, the current design propels these concepts further.

Our Approach

The roof-life structure is designed parametrically in 3D space, allowing the designer to preview the depth when viewed from all angles. The final form is then rationalised to a few sets of patterns that span the structure, by adding overlapping points and material reliefs for the final structure made of out Tyvek. 


Using the templates as a base, the Tyvek pieces with its registration features are easily cut and joint together to form the roof structure complimenting the long table below it.

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