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Performance Clinic

& Office

Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminium

Designer: Produce
Location: Singapore


​Photography by Frame SG.

A gridshell of cross-lapping mild steel strips span the Performance clinic and office, forming a Möbius loop-like structure.


Computationally generated, laser-cut, and powder-coated, these strips were assembled on-site using pop rivets. The inherent tensile and elastic qualities of the material allows for the structure to take on and retain a free form shape.

Our Approach


This structure undulates from floor to ceiling, framing the entrance and reception counter, as well as forming partitions for the few treatment rooms.


Möbius loop-like form of the Performance interior


This casual subdivision - a combination of the perforated structure and curtains - makes it possible for the treatment rooms to be left open when not in use, allowing for views over the city and ample daylight to permeate. 

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