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PwC Experience


Material: Birch Plywood, Laminate & Steel Structure

Designer: Siren Design

Location: Singapore

Photography by Owen Raggett.

PwC’s Experience Center is an ecosystem of talent, environment, and solutions, combining the best of agency and consultancy to help clients create next-generation experiences for customers, employees and partners. According to Marco Maimone, Chief Technologist, PwC, “The space amplifies how we work; it doesn’t dictate how we work.”

Our Approach

With design direction from Siren Design, Superstructure helped rationalize and realise the supports for the triangulated structure that makes up the entrance to the PwC Experience Centre, giving the ceiling tilt and the walls slant. 

Our parameter driven solution allows the entrance to taken on a bespoke triangulated form, with each triangle 

Labelling of individual strings of differing lengths 

Assembly of the triangular panels to form the structure