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Stars of Change (1).JPG

Stars of Change

Material: Wood offcuts, plastic bottles & old car parts

Designer: TYPE 0 

Location: Singapore

Photographs courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Singapore.

Collaborated with Mercedes to curate a sustainable Christmas tree at Great World City with old car parts. This interactive eight-metre Christmas tree is constructed with 1,450 sustainable pieces – emblems of Mercedes-Benz forms the base of the tree while over 500 used plastic bottles piece together the leaves. Wood offcuts gathered from decommissioned art installations embellish the installation and more than 340 Mercedes-Benz auto parts form the tree.

Stars of Change .jpg

Estimated 573 used plastic bottles made up the leaves of the eight-metre Christmas tree by Mercedes-Benz.

Stars of Change -2.jpg

A supersized version of the automotive’s iconic Three-Pointed Star captured underneath the tree. 

Stars of Change -3.jpg
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