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Twisted Paths

-SingaPlural 2019

Material: Steel & Nylon Strings

Designer: Formwerkz Architects

Location: Singapore

Photography by Fabian Ong.

Twisted Paths is the main installation for SingaPlural 2019. Intended to unify the different exhibitors, the concept searches for the common denominator that links them. We found that in the journey the exhibitors took, each has to go through a certain pathway to get to the final design.


“Twisted Paths” is a reflection of these journeys, simplifying them as lines and connections in the form of a hanging sculpture that anchors SingaPlural 2019. Poetically suspended, “Twisted Paths” anchors the space in a soft and ethereal manner. 

Our Approach

With the use of a digital model, the structure's form and patterning were computationally generated, splitting the geometrically twisted form into 480 2mm-thick white nylon strings that gave depth and texture to the form.


Superstructure took charge of the labelling, planning, and installation of Twisted Paths. Each individual string was labelled and cut down to its required length.


Labelling of individual strings of differing lengths 


Assembly of the triangular panels to form the structure

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