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Sensory Pod

Material: Birch Plywood

Designer: Superstructure

Location: Singapore

Photography by Frame SG.

A sensory pod for individuals with autism, UOVO's easily identifiable shape acts as a place marker for quiet spaces within the public space, allowing an individual some privacy to decompress during tantrums or meltdowns. 

Our Approach

The UOVO was designed to be easily manufactured and shipped to reduce overall production cost. 

The self-supporting structure through the bolting of triangular CNC cut panels that are later labelled and joined together using common hardware. A thin structure was achieved by embedding the bolts into the panels using CNC milling and grooves.


The form is generated by algorithms that provides optimisation in the design which benefits the structural integrity and conservation of material.


Triangular panels are nested and cut with the CNC machine


Assembly of the triangular panels to form the structure

Made from birch plywood, the exterior has been sanded down smooth to the touch.


The seat cushion rests on an internal frame that has been designed to support and stabilise the structure. Fully lined with Aquaclean fabric, the cushions protect any aggressive behaviour within the pod while reducing external stimuli. 

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