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Wild Rocket 542 - alcove dining_derrick

Wild Rocket

Mount Emily

Material: Meranti Timber

Designer: Produce

Client: Wild Rocket Group

Location: Singapore

Photography by Derrick Lim.

As an establishment representative of Mod-Sin cuisine, it was befitting for Wild Rocket to have a space (or building) of its own. A wooden lattice structure was featured in the interior and exterior of the restaurant to address this.


This structure provided a contrast to the postmodern architecture of the Hangout @ Mt Emily Hotel, differentiating the restaurant. 


Our Approach

The lattice structure is formed using only a single timber batten module organised in a helix algorithm, which generates seven different planar directions. 

With multiple, non-linear load transfer, it forms a rigid network of spiraling timber battens array that can be accumulated infinitely.

Timber batten modules in different planar directions. 

The structural logic of these 15,000 pieces of interlocking timber contrasts to the greatest possible degree with the existing two-plane post and beam structure. 

The end result is a “nest” which is independent yet nestles snugly under its host building.

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